I have a story to tell you. I do not seek with it to victimize myself, make you feel sorry or terrify you of life; what I want is to teach you that everything has a solution and that despite the circumstances we are experiencing or have touched us, you can always decide which side of history you want to stand on. On the sad, pessimistic and dark side, or on the positive, happy and incredible side. I want to understand and value how beautiful and easy it is to lead a happy and full life, but I also want to invite you to love life and yourself, like me today.

I want you to know that life is like a game. You have cards and tokens, and each one you move or throw has a consequence; the “action-reaction” theory applies to all our decisions and we must be very careful when moving our chips, because we never know who we will end up playing against or who we will end up hurting. Many times we do not realize it, but we can end up hurting ourselves.

This book was written to free and return to everyone who reads it that inner security that we all have. The goal is that through my life experiences and learning you can transform and impact your life in a LE-GEN-DARY way, and achieve that level of fulfillment and happiness (which I promise you does exist). I seek to put you into action, and that as soon as you finish reading the book… you start doing what you have to do! Whether you start that business, take that plane, enter that master’s degree, start or end that relationship, leave your parents’ house, buy your own house, double or triple your salary, stop feeling depressed about some ugly situation that been through recently and make it your greatest blessing and gift. In a nutshell, I want you to live the life you so desire, and choose to do so.